For the initial installation, please follow the Installation Guide. Assuming a valid support contract is in place, updated binaries can be downloaded here.

We now only provide binaries for EMG 7, and not any older versions. It contains several improvements over earlier versions.

EMG 7.2

As of 2019, EMG 7.2 is the actively maintained branch, and where new features are added.

VersionMost important change(s)
7.2.11User role INTERNAL, configuration values with hash characters.
7.2.10Improvements for merge and split, schema 42: encrypted passwords.
7.2.9New column emguser.expires_at, better UTF16 support, configuration from environment variables.
7.2.8New connector option REDIRECT_ROUTING, renamed IA5 to GSM-7.
7.2.7More JSON support over HTTP, new configuration manager.
7.2.6Faster user credits, new command line tool emgpdu.
7.2.5Using Circuit Breaker.
7.2.4Plugins over HTTP.
7.2.3New connector option DLR_TO_SAME_IP.
7.2.2New connector option MERGE_IN, and better time based log rotation.
7.2.1Updated startup sequence.
7.2.0New connectivity handling, connector and database addresses with multiple values, and more.

EMG 7.1

EMG 7.1 contains several additions compared to version 7.0.

VersionPrimary change
7.1.15Backported the multipart fix in EMG 7.2.10.
7.1.14OpenSSL 1.1.1d and TLS 1.3.
7.1.13Fixed a few memory leaks related to delivery reports.
7.1.12Faster emgstat.
7.1.11Fixed memory leak related to DLR_FAILOVER.
7.1.10More exact user throughput limit handling.
7.1.9New plugin hook before_dlr().
7.1.8Routing information is now reloaded from the database for each message.
7.1.7All parts of a split message now get their own delivery report.
7.1.6Fixed possible crashes for invalid configurations.
7.1.4Fix possible crash when sending messages with multiple parts.
7.1.3Fixes for UTF8 over HTTP.
7.1.2The sequence number database was not recreated if it was missing.
7.1.1New database column cfg_plugins.dbprofile.